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Welcome to my food blog!

Thousands of food photos and what to do with them? Many friends asking for that cake recipe and where is it? Precisely for some of these reasons, I decided to start a food blog and share all that culinary jazz with you.

As my friends, family and relatives, as well as colleagues and random visitors I might get, speak different languages, I will mostly write this blog in English. Despite my love for foreign languages, there is currently no other lingua franca that unites us. Esperanto has not passed the survival test.  However, you will see that food – cooking, baking and its derivatives – can  act as a metalanguage for today’s circle of international/ized friends, colleagues, and even families.  As more and more people move to other countries  and acquire a taste for different cuisines, their identity and taste buds undergo transformation.

In this blog, I will transform recipes from mainly US and Europe, and occasionally Asia and India, to fit my internationalized taste buds.  I hope you can join me on my global, local and seasonal journey of culinary exploration.  As this will be another learning experience for me, I would be happy if we can learn together and also from each other. Therefore, your tips, comments and suggestions are highly appreciated!  If something is missing from a recipe or is unclear, or does not come out as you’d like it, please do not hesitate to write about it in the comment section and propose your own modifications.

Bon voyage et courage!

  1. Jennie Cain permalink

    How wonderful, Maria! I’ve been on a cooking kick of late and look forward to trying out some of your recipes. The photos are very well done. Guten Appetit! xo

  2. Ayako Ezaki permalink

    Thanks for sharing, Maria! Look forward to trying some of these recipes. Great blog & great photos! 🙂

  3. Tea permalink

    Hey Maria, I`m really impressed with the vegetarian section! and of course everything looks yummy.

  4. Aunt Ann permalink

    Maria – I DON’T like to cook but you’ve made this site so appealing that I will be attempting these recipes — starting with sangria, of course! 😉

  5. Luiza permalink

    Hi, Maria! Just recently I’ve started cooking more, so I will try a few things :0). Will have to write you an update email!

  6. Bella permalink

    Maria, you have many really delicious recipes. And the different types of ice-cream are just fabulous!!! I am looking forward to the new posts! 😉

  7. Hi Maria! I can’t seem to find your email on this blog. I’d love to read the one on Belgium as well, end me the address! xx

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